COACH Womans Seneca Suede/Print Snake hRB960PquO

COACH Womans Seneca Suede/Print Snake hRB960PquO
  • Suede
  • Suede Synthetic sole The style name / style number is Seneca / A6953-SLT/NAT Color: Slate/Natural Material: Suede Measurements: 3.75" heel Width: B(M)
COACH Womans Seneca Suede/Print Snake hRB960PquO COACH Womans Seneca Suede/Print Snake hRB960PquO COACH Womans Seneca Suede/Print Snake hRB960PquO COACH Womans Seneca Suede/Print Snake hRB960PquO
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That One Optional Property

Sometimes you need to modify your view controller to do a new thing. One thing leads to another, and you find yourself adding an optional variable property to the view controller, which will be set in some cases and not in others.

I think that more often than not, this is a flawed approach. There are a few reasons for this. First, a class with a optional property that is only used sometimes has a weak sense of identity. Put another way, adding optional properties blurs Skechers BOBS Womens Luxe BOBSBoho Crown Flat Taupe 8 M US QZ4Xd21i
. Second, this optional property doesn’t carry any semantic meaning. What does it mean about the state of this object if the type is nil? A casual reader of your code can’t tell in what cases the property will be nil, or what ramifications it has for the object. Third, code will continue to mutate. One optional property becomes two optional properties, which becomes three, and before you know it, you’ll end up at the bottom of a slippery slope. If we want to express that this value must exist if that value is nil, we can’t do that with simple optionals.

In all the codebases I’ve seen, I’ve found two primary reasons why you might need an optional property on your view controller. I’ll explore them both and suggest better patterns to solve each problem.

The first reason that you might have a problematic optional property is when you won’t necessarily have that object or piece of data every time this view controller is used.

One example of this that came up recently was a view controller that was being presented from a push notification in some cases. It needed to show a specific message that came from that notification. The simplest solution to this problem was to add an optional string property:

Other code in the view controller switched on the message’s existence to determine which views to allocate, how to lay them out, and so on. The optionality of the property represents more than existence of a simple string. It had implications in the rest of the view controller and the rest of the view layer.

The more essential point here is that the string now no longer represents a string that might be there or might not — it now represents the presentation style or mode that the view controller is in. Was it created in the context of a push notification or through normal browsing? The answer is in this barely related property!

To fix this problem, we have to make this mode fully explicit. Once it’s a first class citizen in this view controller, its effect on the view controller will be much more obvious.

As Sandi Metz says, COOLCEPT Womens High Heel Sandals Multicolor Open Toe Buckle Wedges Shoes Black u7TEr
. With an optional property, a sometimes-I-do-it-this-way, the code doesn’t admit that the nil case of this property carries meaning as well and is really its own specialization. With an enum, this is reified and formalized in code.

a journal of software studies

Author Lev Manovich


Affiliation Visual Arts, University of California San Diego; Software Studies Initiative, UCSD; California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology


Publication Date November 2011

Publication Date
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Photoshop toolbox from version 0.63 (1988) to CS2 (2005).

Contemporary media is experienced, created, edited, remixed, organized and shared with software. This software includes stand-alone professional media design and management applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Final Cut, After Effects, Aperture, and Maya; consumer-level apps such as iPhoto, iMovie, or Picassa; tools for sharing, commenting, and editing provided by social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Video, and Photobucket, and the numerous media viewing, editing and sharing apps available on mobile platforms. To understand media today we need to understand media software – its genealogy (where it comes from), its anatomy (interfaces and operations), and its practical and theoretical effects. Vans Authentic Primary Mono Red vtNkmm
How does media authoring software shape the media being created, making some design choices seem natural and easy to execute, while hiding other design possibilities? How does media viewing / managing / remixing software affect our experience of media and the actions we perform on it? How does software change what “media” is conceptually?

This article approaches some of these questions via the analysis of a software application that has become synonymous with “digital media” – Adobe Photoshop. Like other professional programs for media authoring and editing, Photoshop’s menus contain many dozens of separate commands. If we consider that almost all the commands contain multiple options that allow each command do a number of different things, the complete number runs into thousands.

Photoshop 0.63 (on System 7). Image source:

This multiplicity of operations offered in contemporary application software creates a challenge for Software Studies. If we are to understand how software applications shape our worlds and our imaginations (what people imagine they can do with software), we need some way of sorting all these operations into a fewer categories so we can start building a theory of application software. This can’t be achieved by simply following the top menu categories offered by applications. (For example, Photoshop CS4’s top menu includes File, Edit, Layer, Select, Filter, 3D, View, Window, and Help.) Since most applications include their own unique categories, our combined list will be too large. So we need to design a more general scheme.

Sensor: 16.0 Megapixel CMOS, High-Sensitivity , 1/2.3 Inch

Lens: 24–1200mm f/3.4-6.5

Video: 1080p Full HD 30fps

Pros : Unbelievable Hyper-telephoto focal length.

Cons : Bulkier than other point and shoots but still very portable. Smaller sensor size. No RAW photo capture capabilities

The SX530 is a serious performer for its price. Although it has a smaller sensor and lower megapixels its hyper-telephoto capability is unrivalled in a point and shoot system. You can literally photograph the craters on the moon with this camera, and the lens has image stabilization built in. Lens speed suffers a bit on this camera and when fully zoomed you’ll need longer exposures to compensate for the f/6.5 aperture- well worth it though for the zoom! It also has WIFI functionality. The SX530 does not have 4K video capture but shoots full HD at a solid 30fps. For the price as expected the camera does not have RAW image capability. The SX530 is not as portable as other point and shoots and resembles a small DSLR. The camera is not ideal for printing/blowing up images due to the smaller sensor and lower megapixels. The SX530 is my pick for #1 Winner because of its hyper-telephoto focal length and budget friendly price.

#2 WINNER AvaCostume Womens Flower Embroidery Contrast Color Flats Velcro Oxford Shoes Rose Red 38QezI3Q

Sensor: 20.3 Megapixel CMOS High Sensitivity, 1/2.3 Inch

Lens: 24-960mm f/3.3-f/6.9

Video: 1080p Full HD 60fps

Pros :Excellent hyper-telephoto focal range. High Sensitivity sensor for low light.

Cons : Smaller sensor size. No RAW photo capture capabilities

The SX720HS is an impressive little camera system. Good megapixels and excellent hyper-telephoto make this a hard camera to pass up on. Offering an impressive 60 fps full HD video capture and excellent size this is a good camera for travelling. The sensor is excellent in low light scenes which is useful because the lens speed is not the best although comparable with the other cameras in this segment. Build in WIFI makes transferring and sharing the images a breeze. This camera unfortunately does not offer RAW image capture, although it does offer full manual controls. Also its a great travel size compact camera. Its my pick for #2 Winner because it has less zoom than the CanonSX530. If you’re willing to trade some zoom focal length for a more compact size this is the camera for you.

#3 WINNER Calvin Klein Womens Carney Over The Knee Boot Black Stretch cTgNJZInqY

Sensor: 20.2 Megapixel CCD, 1/2.3 Inch

Lens: 22.5-630 mm f/3.1-5.9

Video: 720p HD

Pros : Great hyper-telephoto focal length and high megapixel sensor. Cons : No 1080P Video. No RAW photo capture capabilities

For price this camera is a solid purchase. Good sensor megapixels and hyper-telephoto zoom make this a pleasure to shoot with. Its not as portable as other point and shoots but worth it for the zoom. The real downside to this camera is that it doesn’t have 1080 p full HD video and that’s why its my pick for #3 Winner. If you’re more interested in photographs and want a zoom then could be the camera for you.