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Dionysus and the Death March

by Generally Speaking

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Soak me in formaldehyde I wanna live forever Take my skin and wear me out I wanna be a figure head for everyone's self doubt Soak me in formaldehyde I wanna live forever Cleanse me from the inside out Death mocking taboo words, whose talking now? Who is it that were looking at? An empty life or a polymath? There are few things I'd come back to life for I've a fist full of keys but I can't find the right door Trace me back from where my death begins Relive a funeral founded on forgotten friends Your feelings are irrelevant to Mortality and everything you want to do It's hard to be a priest with this decree When you're saddled with a guilty disease There's a lake where I swim to drown what fate has bargained me I peer in Expecting my own reflection Everyone I ever loved is mirrored back at me Friends and family Do you love me? Cold hands ripping out my veins Pulling me in Into my skin the water seeps The water seeps Trace me back from where my death begins Relive a funeral founded on forgotten friends Your feelings are irrelevant to Mortality and everything you want to do It's hard to be a priest with this decree When you're saddled with a guilty disease My heart and mind have reached a consensus The things we love aim to torment us I need something that I am known for Onward we march to find a safer shore
released October 17, 2016 Recorded by Donald Jette Mixed and Mastered by Donald Jette Drums recorded at Madman Sound Studio, Rancho Cucamonga by Fabian Rubio Composed by Logan Kruger Lyrics written by Lily Meza Vocals: Lily Meza, Thommy Weatherell, Donald Jette, Logan Kruger Guitars: Lily Meza, Thommy Weatherell, Donald Jette Bass: Donald Jette Drums: Logan Kruger Album art based off of the painting "Les Fuilles Mortes" by Remedios Varo (1956) Album art concept and design by: Lily Meza Logan Kruger Generally Speaking would like to thank: the Meza family, the Weatherell family, the Jette family, the Kruger family and Leibelt family, Fabian Rubio, Ellie Valenzuela, Steven Callaway, Jessie Martinez, Cinthya Buenrostro, Nessa Perry, Ben Eissmann, Derek Swadener (for filling in and puking when we need him to), Nico Gallion (for coming in clutch with that bass), Outlast Records, Zine of Strength, Guestbed, Proletariat Youth, Old Notes, Life Moves On, Headstone (Support these bands and genuine people), and thank you to everyone along the way who has supported us that we forgot (were terrible). We love you all and can't thank you enough.
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melodic hardcore pop punk Upland

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Generally Speaking Upland, California



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Left-hander Rich Hill got the start for the Dodgers and turned in another solid performance, giving up just four hits and two runs in five innings of work, striking out five while only issuing one walk.

Hill was removed from the game in favor of a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the fifth though after just throwing 73 pitches. According to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, that was because he is dealing with neck tightness, although it is not believed to be serious, via Pedro Moura of The Athletic :

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Maria De La O

In 1821, Antonia De La O married Blas Rivera ( Encinillas Marriage Book, p. 51 ). Blas was the son of Joseph Maria Rivera and Maria Josefa Hernandez of Chihuahua. (FHL 162644, pp. 64-65.) The next year, Antonia and Blas had their first child, Julio Demetrio. ( Globe Mens Encore Skate Shoe Green/Blue/Gold qGv0nfSDa

Blas Rivera

In 1825, the family matriarch Gertrudis Cobos got sick and died of a fever. Her death must have been a shock to the family. One of her youngest children, Pascual, was only about 16 years old at the time. Below is Gertrudis’ death record:

By 1827, Cristobal De La O returned to Guajoquilla to accept a teaching position at the primary school in the small town. However, the teaching conditions were unacceptable. He formally complained to local authorities about the poor teaching facilities and the problem of student attendance. Eighty-five students were enrolled but only forty-nine attended. Cristobal demanded the names of the parents whose children were not attending. (Guillermo Cervantes, La Villa Jimenez , Borderlands Studies Publishing House, 2009, Kindle location 762-774.) At the time, it appears that Cristobal’s young adult children remained in Encinillas and occasionally took trips to Chihuahua for wedding ceremonies.

In Chihuahua, the ornate cathedral San Francisco de Asis y Nuestra de Regla (Our Lady of Rule) was finally completed in 1826, having taken about 100 years to build.

In 1829, at the Chihuahua cathedral, Pasquala De La O married Jesus Sepulveda , the son of Jose Sepulveda and Ana Brabo of Encinillas. ( FHL 162692, p. 242 .) Her brother Pascual was the padrino at the wedding.

Pasquala De La O Jesus Sepulveda

In 1832, Pasquala De La O and Jesus Sepulveda had their daughter Maria Dolores Josefa Pasquala de Jesus, who was baptized in Encinillas. ( FHL 162407, p. 497 .) The same year, Anastasia De La O married Ramon Montenegro (Paz) in Encinillas. ( Encinillas Marriage Book, p. 70 .)

Also in 1832, Pascual De La O married Nicolasa Fernandez Baldivierro at the cathedral of San Francisco de Asis y Nuestra de Regla in Chihuahua. According to her 1815 baptism record, Nicolasa was a “niña calidad español” of Maria Soledad Baldiviero. In her baptism record, the priest crossed out the name of the father and replaced it with the phrase “no conocido.” ( FHL 162407, p. 121 .)

Pascual De La O Nicolasa Fernandez Baldivierro

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